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Credit Card Dispute Letter

There are some simple ways to write a credit card dispute letter, and truthfully, all it takes is some time and thinking. Planning out what you will say to the credit card company in question is also an excellent idea.

Be polite when addressing the company you will get so much further in terms of what you want to accomplish. While you may be understandably upset, keep a rein on your emotions, and tell the truthful and the simple facts in the letter.

Next, gather the details of the information that you are disputing. If you received a recent credit card statement with a $750 charge on it that was made in New Delhi, India and you’ve never been there then get as much information as you can, quickly. Quite often there is a time limit in which to dispute a charge on your credit card.

Better yet, if you see a charge on your credit card for an online site that you’ve never used, take note of any information that you can from the statement. Call the phone number that is usually listed, and obtain more detailed information about the charge that is listed.

Sit down and draft out the very basics of the letter. What exactly is being disputed on your credit card and why. Give the information that you know as facts if that New Delhi charge was made and you’ve never been there, then point that out.

Putting together the final draft of a credit card dispute letter means having all your facts correct, dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, be sure to pay attention to your grammar and spelling. Your thoughts are pulled together, so make them even more cohesive, and write another draft of the dispute letter.

As you write this draft of the dispute letter, think about how it sounds to the credit card company while they are reading it. What is the first impression that they will get from reading it are your thoughts all over the place, or are they organized?

Introduce yourself. Then explain why you are writing the dispute letter in the first place, something such as “I recently discovered a charge of $750 on my credit card statement that I didn’t make.”

Offer more information regarding why you did not make the charge that you have discovered on your statement. If you’ve never been there, then say so but be polite about it. Being rude won’t get you very far.

Re-write the credit card dispute letter one more time. Ensure that the format is correct your name and address on the top left, the date on the very top right. The credit card company’s address should be several spaces below yours.

Then, in the space of several concise paragraphs, tell your problem politely. Look over your grammar and punctuation, or ask a friend who’s good at that to do so. Double check your spelling and neatness as well.

Put the letter in an envelope, and mail it out, and wait for the results. You should get an answer fairly quickly.

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