Creditelves works by taking the information you provide and generating custom letters to credit bureaus on your behalf. You simply print out the letters and mail them to the credit bureaus. It's that simple.


Sample Credit Repair Letter

The best way to ensure that you are on top of your finances and credit history is to constantly remain aware of what is listed on your credit report.  Your credit score and report are very important factors that contribute to your financial opportunities and wellbeing.  Staying in the loop about your own credit information and activity will save you a lot of money and even improve your way of living.  There are a few ways that you can tackle getting your credit in order.  Credit repair companies like CreditElves can assist you with improving your credit by providing you with sample letters that you can send to your creditors and the credit reporting agencies in order to dispute any remarks or charges that aren’t accurate or that are outdated.

If you have bad credit, this can destroy your opportunity to get approved for a loan.  Right now you may be very interested in loans for a mortgage, a car or some other line of credit.  Before you decide to apply for a mortgage or a loan, take the time to do some research on your credit rating and report.  Why should the bank or the lender be the first one to dig up your financial history?  Take the initiative to view what the lender will eventually see so that there are no surprises.  Your credit report contains all the details surrounding your credit history.  To view your credit report, you need to request it from a major credit reporting agency.  Experian, TransUnion and Equifax are the three major credit reporting agencies.  When a lender pulls or views your credit report, they may view a report produced by one or all of these companies.  Knowing what is written on each one will help you to become more aware of what a creditor will see.

Your credit report may contain information that doesn’t paint you in a very good light.  There may be remarks on your credit report that reflect a period in your life where you were financially irresponsible for whatever reason.  Although having bad credit doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, to a lender it makes you appear to be a high risk candidate.  To protect themselves from risk, lenders will offer people that have low credit scores, loans that have less than awesome interest rates.  A high interest loan will cost you more money with each payment and extend the life of your loan.

Unfortunately, many credit reports have remarks that are inaccurate and people only find out about it after it has already devastated their chance of qualifying for a loan and getting that loan at a low interest rate.  Errors on your credit report can be removed but first you need to contact the applicable lender and the credit reporting agencies.  To do so, you need to send a letter.  One of the sample credit repair letter templates from Credit Elves is well suited for this situation.  The letter template is formatted so that you can add your basic background information like your name and address.  The template also offers space for you to describe what your exact need is.  After you send your letter, the credit reporting agencies have thirty days to respond.

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