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How to Dispute an Entry on Your Credit Report

Your credit report is a list of all of your credit data. It may include items like a mortgage, student loan, closed credit account, open lines of credit, or a report from a collections agency that you are behind on a payment. While this information can help lenders get a picture of your risk level as a borrower, it can also cause you a world of trouble when an item is listed in the report incorrectly. If you have a piece of information in your report that isn’t true, lenders may not loan to you, and you may find yourself faced with much higher interest rates. Luckily, a bit of research at Credit Elves will teach you how to dispute an entry on your credit report.

To dispute a credit report entry, first ensure that all other information on the report is accurate. If someone has stolen your identity, or shares a name with you, you may need to dispute more than one entry. Do some fact gathering. Call the company who reported the information and get dates, account numbers, or any other information that may help you give the agencies a clear picture of what is going on. If you don’t know how to dispute an entry on your credit report, don’t be afraid to ask friends or family members about their experience as well.

The next step in disputing an entry on your credit report is to contact the credit agencies. There are three agencies, so you will need to contact each of them. The best way to contact the agency is to send a letter by registered mail. Send a duplicate letter to yourself, but don’t open it. This will serve as a record of the dispute that you filed.

Credit Elves has several services that can assist you in creating your credit entry dispute letters. You can always see sample letters with the basic service, simply by registering with a valid email address. If you have several entries to dispute, or you aren’t confident that you know how to dispute an entry on your credit report alone, you can sign up for the premium package, which gives you access to custom generated letters. At the highest level of service, you can have the letters generated for you, and you can store them for later use or review.

Your credit history is a serious part of your finances, so take good care of your credit report. Always make sure that all information related to you is accurate, and that you know how to dispute an entry on your credit report whenever the need arises. With Credit Elves, you can be prepared, no matter what shows up in your annual report. You can store dispute letters for a low monthly fee, and you’ll never have to worry about coming up with the documents if the information springs back up again. In the case of identity theft or a mistake identity, incorrect information can pop up over and over again through the years. Having all the information on hand will take a huge headache out of disputing credit report entries.

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