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Credit Score Scale

Knowing exactly where you stand regarding your credit score is more important than ever. The credit score scale is a three digit number devised to provide your credit lenders with a statistical view of your credit worthiness. The better the score, the better your chances are of receiving low-interest credit rates. If you’ve done any research regarding the credit card scale, and what your number may mean for you, then you will know that most sources say that the scale is in a range of 550 to 850.

If your score is less than 600 you will have a very hard time getting any kind of credit. If your score is anywhere from 601 to 680, you may be approved, but you will be paying much higher interest rates. A score of 681 to 720 is considered good and you have a much better chance of getting a better interest rate. If you find that your credit score is over 720 you should be getting the best possible rate and will be able to get approved for any type of credit you may apply for.

If you find yourself on the lower end of the credit score scale, don’t despair because repairing it is as easy as going to At Credit Elves we can help you take the necessary steps to improve that credit score and move you back up the credit score scale. The next time you find yourself needing to apply for credit, you will have confidence that you will be approved for your new line of credit. In today’s economy having a line of credit to fall back on provides a certain level of peace of mind, but not when you are paying an outrageous interest rate.

There are many different types of reporting information that determines your credit score. Paying on time and paying the minimum balance is not always enough to keep your credit score in the “good to excellent” bracket. Most people don’t realize that your credit score takes a hit every time you apply for credit

If you find yourself on the low end of the credit score scale, sadly, you risk much more than not getting approved for additional credit. In some cases, a low credit score may even have an affect on your job search. Finding yourself positioned in the lower part of the credit card scale can also prevent you from being able to refinance your home, or even worse, not being approved for the home loan that you believe you can afford.

Now more than ever you need the advice and the proven methods of cleaning up your credit score from They can help you elevate your credit score to the top of the scale by showing you how to take control of your credit history. We understand what it takes to improve your credit score and credit history and with the correct guidance and advice you can improve your standing on the credit score scale.

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