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How to Dispute a Bankruptcy on your Credit Report

Filing bankruptcy can allow individuals or businesses, who have accumulated too much debt, the opportunity to absolve the debt by not having to pay it back. It seems like a great opportunity to start fresh, however the down side is that you now have a major stumbling block on your credit report and it can last from seven to ten years! There are different types of bankruptcies; filing Chapter 13 will allow you pay back a portion of your debt over time and filing Chapter 7 will completely discharge your entire obligation. The only way to remove a bankruptcy on your credit report is if it should not be there, meaning if it is on your credit report by mistake or if it has been over seven years and it is still on your report. A bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for ten years if you have filed Chapter 13 and did not fulfill your commitment to pay back the agreed portion of the debt.
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