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Credit Collection Dispute Letter

We all know what a hassle it is to have a dispute with a collection agency. It can be the absolute worse. The process is lengthy, undesirable and overwhelming for most. There are many stresses that can be associated with dealing with credit collections agency including emotional distress due to the harassment. If ever you are feeling as if you are being harassed by a collection agency please be sure to carefully document calls or letters and keep track of all correspondence. If you are certain that you are being harassed in error, it is suggested that you submit a dispute letter.
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Collection Dispute Letter

Disputing a debt with a collection agency can be a nightmare. Collection agencies don’t often take no for an answer and dealing with them can often feel like banging your head against a brick wall. You may need to send a collection dispute letter if you’ve wrongfully been assessed with a debt and the agency won’t listen, which can quickly escalate to harassment.
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