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Will paying off debt help my credit?

If you are looking to improve your credit for the purposes of either peace of mind or to get a loan with a good interest rate, you might be asking yourself, “Will paying off debt will help your credit?” The answer always is “yes.” Here’s why.
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How Do I Find Out My Credit Score?

Getting your credit score is different from getting your credit reports. When you get your credit reports, you get information such as payment histories, current and past addresses, and information regarding liens, foreclosures and bankruptcies – all of which get reported to the three big credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. When a creditor looks at your credit score, however, that’s based on a calculation using your credit report information, information about arrests and convictions, collections histories, total amounts you owe on various cards and loans (and cumulatively) and other information that is all a portrait of your viability as a potential credit or employment risk.
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Where Can I Get My Fico Credit Score For Free?

It’s important that you know that your credit report is a different thing than your credit score. While your credit report is something you can get on your own (and repair –instructions below), your FICO credit score is something that is compiled from a propriety set of criteria and will cost you a nominal fee to receive. Your credit report is comprised simply of your credit card records, loan information, and your repayment history and the limits of cards or balances remaining on loans. It paints a picture of your past experiences with money and shows whether or not you might be a good risk for a new loan.
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Improve my FICO Score

Anyone who wants to improve their FICO score can do it, but it's going to take a little bit of work. In other words, a person has to know what his score is, why it's reached that level, and what to do in order to raise it. A FICO score is what lenders use as one of their major determining factors when they decide whether they're going to give a loan to someone. People with low scores are almost always turned down for financing. If they do manage to get approved for a loan, the interest rate that they have to pay is often a lot higher than someone who has a better score. By keeping that in mind, you can check into ways to improve your score so that you're able to get an interest rate you can live with.
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